kids wading in the river with nets
October 25, 2019

Getting more kids outside through youth engagement grants

Three more friends groups will be getting kids to their state parks for field trips, with support from grants issued by Parks & Trails Council. One of the biggest barriers that schools and youth groups face with getting kids outdoors and going on field trips is the cost for transportation. P&TC is thrilled to support friends groups that are partnering with their local school districts and community youth groups to help provide the transportation that makes these trips possible.

These grant recipients are part of Round 2 of the Youth Engagement Grant Program.

Round 2


Friends Groups Supported


Funds Awarded


Estimated number of youth engaged

Entrance Sign to the park

Weekly Visits and Naturalist Programs

Friends of Lake Bemidji State Park is supporting the expansion of an existing park program that partners with Boys & Girls Club of Bemidji. Kids will take the city bus to the park for regular programs, such as raptors and macroinvertebrate activities.

by Friends of Lake Bemidji State Park

Whitewater valley in brilliant fall colors
Jimmy Rollins/P&TC photo contest

Watershed Field Trips

Agricultural students from three nearby high schools will have the opportunity to visit Whitewater State Park for daylong field trips. The focus for the day will be sustainable land use and watershed activities, helping future farmers and land managers to make decisions that positively impact the Whitewater watershed.

by Friends of Whitewater State Park

kids wading in the river with nets
Students collecting macroinvertebrates at Minneopa.

Science Field Trips

Science classes from two high schools will be taking part in a series of place-based experiences around the Mankato Area. Friends of Minneopa will be supporting the classes’ learning objectives through visits to Minneopa State Park focused on the bison and citizen science initiatives.

by Friends of Minneopa State Park

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