May 18, 2020

Status of 2020 Legislative Priority – Infrastructure

Fix critical infrastructure in state parks and trails

One of our priorities during the 2020 Legislature is to address the backlog of maintenance for state parks and trails buildings and other assets, such as shower buildings, trail bridges, water systems, etc. The agency’s assessment shows that more than a quarter of their roughly 2,852 buildings are in poor to crisis-level condition.

Legislative Process Status

Mn DNRRequestJanuary 2020$137 millionPDF
Gov. Tim WalzRecommendationJanuary 2020$70 millionPDF
HouseHouse BillMay 16, 2020 - Bill was not passed as amended 81 votes required$65 millionHF2529
SenateSenate BillMay 17, 2020 - Bill was not passed$19 millionSF 3463

Note: This funding is used for all MnDNR divisions (e.g., forestry, fish and wildlife, land and minerals, etc); only a portion of this request goes toward State Parks and Trails.

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