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September 14, 2020

GBCTA Member Update

From Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association

Member Update: September 12, 2020

Fall on the trail is a soul-soothing experience. As summer fades away, we hope you continue to spend time on the trail taking in the hues of gold and red and the last of the autumn wildflowers.

Here are a few updates on trail activity…

  • From now through September 14th expand your plant knowledge on the Brown’s Creek Trail. Sustainable Stillwater and the Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association, are excited to host another “What’s that Plant?” hunt on the trail. Be sure to check it out!
  • DNR crews have been working particularly hard this summer to clear and maintain the trail despite greatly reduced staffing and funding due to the pandemic. If you see crews on the trail, please be kind. And if the opportunity arises, thank their tiny but mighty team for all the effort they have put in this summer to keep our trail open and tidy.
  • As a natural resources group, the DNR leaves dead trees on the side of the trail to encourage critter habitat and to replicate the natural conditions needed for our native plant and fungal communities. DNR does conduct annual inspections to remove trees that may threaten people in gathering places, but if you see a downed tree on the trail that needs removal, please contact: 651-296-6157.
  • Along that vein, with more people escaping to nature this year, our parks and trails have seen an upsurge in litter. Please encourage friends and family to enjoy the parks and trails in a Leave No Trace way.
  • There are three open positions on the Gateway-Brown’s Creek Trail Association Board. If you love the trail and have considered getting involved, please contact Current openings: Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Volunteer Liaison in-training.
  • Celebrate! The City of Stillwater generously allocated funds for a drinking fountain at the Neal Avenue access point on the Brown’s Creek Trail. Construction has already begun!

Wishing you lovely outings on the trail!

Beth Hayden, GBCTA President

Photo courtesy of Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association

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