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September 14, 2020

GBCTA Seeks Two Board Officers: Webmaster and Newsletter Editor

From Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association

The GBCTA is looking for trail-enthusiasts willing to share their talents and time fulfilling key roles within the board. We are currently seeking a Webmaster and incoming Editor in Training for the chapter newsletter. Find the descriptions and responsibilities for each role below. If you’re interested or have questions, reach out to Beth Hayden at


  • The GBCTA is seeking a new Webmaster on the Association Board of Directors. This is a volunteer position, and this person must be an active member of the Assn. This position serves on an annual basis, as do all of the Officers and Directors.
  • The current website platform for Assn. business is ‘Wild Apricot.’ The webmaster will be the primary administrator of this platform, and will make recommendations as any web-related technology changes.
  • Ongoing duties:
    • Actively manage website and keep all Assn. information up to date.
    • Actively work with Officers, Directors and the Facebook Manager to post relevant information, news, Association newsletters and minutes, trail events and more for members and the public.
    • Encourage public participation on the site, Facebook and advocacy.
    • Work with the Assn. Secretary and Treasurer to keep membership information current and to utilize Wild Apricot’s functionality for renewals, regular member communications, and member/financial reporting.
    • Ensure ongoing functionality of the site as a web mobile resource.
    • Attend Assn. meetings and present reports on website activities and needs.

Newsletter Editor

  • The GBCTA wishes to fill the position of Association Newsletter Editor. This is a volunteer position. The editor serves on the Board of Directors on an annual basis, as do all Association Officers and Directors.
  • Primary Duties:
    • Attend all quarterly Association Board meetings, and the Annual General Meeting.
    • Publish the Association newsletter twice a year, which entails:
      • Issue a call to the Officers and Board for standard repeating newsletter articles (President’s Letter, DNR Update, Legislative Update, etc.) and images.
      • Individually or with help from Board members, generate ideas for and write additional unique articles for the newsletter.
      • Edit all articles for grammar, content, and accuracy.
      • Create and format newsletter layout, including images and art.
      • Send the newsletter for printing. Label, stamp, and mail the newsletter. Issue an electronic copy to the Website.
      • Maintain an archive of articles and images.
  • This role requires knowledge of Publisher and access to it on a computer. An equivalent program may be utilized.
  • The editor is expected to be active participant in Association outreach programs, ad hoc committees, and trail activities.

Note: This posting has been shared at the request of the friends group. These postings remain on the website indefinitely, so be sure to reach out to the organization to check in about the status of the position.

Content contributed by: Beth Hayden, Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association

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