April 15, 2021

What can you do at Lashbrook Park?

From Friends of Lashbrook Park

Take a leisurely walk or a more strenuous jog on the MOWED PATHS that crisscross throughout the park. Strategically placed BENCHES allow you to sit, rest, and enjoy the views. ​In winter you can use the paths and trails to snow-shoe or cross-country ski.

Visit the BLUEBIRD HOUSES dotting the park. The birdhouse pictured sits just south of the WOODS, a remnant of the “Big Woods” that once covered much of south central Minnesota, among PRAIRIE GRASS and NATIVE TREES.

​Admire the PRAIRIE FLOWERS that are home to bees and butterflies. In the woods, discover unique plants such as the rare dwarf early trillium, and well as those growing in the wetland.

people walking on a mowed path
bluebird house with green grass around it
blooming pink flowers

Content contributed by: Craig Rice, Friends of Lashbrook Park

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