State Trail Friends

July 6, 2021

Meet the Central Lakes Trail Association

Central Lakes Trail Association is the state trail's very own "cheerleading team." The Association is a group of community representatives from towns along the Central Lakes State Trail, and they promote the trail to bikers, locally as well as from across the region and country. ...
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June 18, 2021

Through the Gateway – Summer 2021

From Gateway Brown's Creek Trail Association In This Issue President's Letter DNR Update Events: Earth Day & National Trails Day River Market Coop Sponsor Drinking Fountain Project Click image to download Go to friends' main page
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June 3, 2021

Securing the missing link to extend the Goodhue Pioneer State Trail

For years, the northern segment of this trail came to an abrupt end at a dirt road in Hay Creek Township. Across the road lay an overgrown field marked with a private property sign.
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paved trail and horse trail
April 30, 2021

Itasca-Heartland trail design to begin in 2021

From Heartland Itasca Spur Citizen Committee The Heartland Itasca Spur Citizen Committee has been involved in securing funding for a trail connection from Itasca State Park to the Heartland State Trail. Find updates on funding, design, and construction in the article. Read the article in ...
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pedestrians on Heartland State Trail
April 5, 2021

P&TC issues 9 grants to friends groups for habitat restoration projects

Nine volunteer-led friends groups will implement habitat restoration projects at Minnesota parks and trails this year with funds issued by Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota (P&TC). The projects include planting and protecting trees, removing invasive species, and collecting native plant seeds. The projects will ...
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shovels and trees that are ready to be planted
March 24, 2021

Volunteers support bluebirds on Gateway State Trail

Bluebirds along the Gateway State Trail enjoy a helping hand from volunteers with the Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association (GBCTA). Since 2014, the friends group has maintained 16 houses each year, installing them in spring, monitoring the nests throughout summer, and cleaning and storing the ...
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Man in biking outfit stands in tall grass
February 3, 2021

2019-2020 Youth Engagement Grant Projects In Review

In 2019, Parks & Trails Council launched a grant program designed as a partnership with friends groups to engage youth in parks and trails. In this first year of the program we began working with eight friends groups who identified innovative ways to engage youth ...
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Kids bike away from the park building
January 14, 2021

Through the Gateway – Winter 2021

From Gateway Brown's Creek Trail Association In This Issue President's letter DNR update Salamander mystery Project updates Photo by:  Click image to view Go to friends' main page
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Newsletter banner
September 14, 2020

GBCTA Member Update

From Gateway Brown's Creek Trail Association Member Update: September 12, 2020 Fall on the trail is a soul-soothing experience. As summer fades away, we hope you continue to spend time on the trail taking in the hues of gold and red and the last of ...
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Man in biking outfit stands in tall grass
September 14, 2020

GBCTA Seeks Two Board Officers: Webmaster and Newsletter Editor

From Gateway Brown's Creek Trail Association The GBCTA is looking for trail-enthusiasts willing to share their talents and time fulfilling key roles within the board. We are currently seeking a Webmaster and incoming Editor in Training for the chapter newsletter. Find the descriptions and responsibilities ...
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Bicyclist on paved trail approaching a bridge
September 1, 2020

Trail group continues steadfast support amidst pandemic, refreshes logo

Meet the Friends of the Casey Jones State Trail Association Recently, the friends group played a crucial role in helping to advocate for funding needed to design, engineer, and pave (most) of a five-mile section of the Casey Jones State Trail. This new segment of ...
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Bike along the trail
July 28, 2020

Volunteers persist in improving the trail they built

The Gateway State Trail exists thanks to the vision and persistence of a small group of residents, who in 1980, rallied to convert a recently abandoned stretch of the Soo Line railroad into a non-motorized trail.
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three volunteers building a bench
June 17, 2020

“Through the Gateway” Spring/Summer Newsletter

From Gateway Brown's Creek Trail Association In This Issue President's letter DNR update Facebook and social media update Earth Day event Gateway to Scandia extension Frog and toad calls on the trail Luv Ice Cream feature Photo by: Scott Eggert Click to download Go to ...
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June 8, 2020

DNR Guest Post from Oliver Liu: North Shore Update

Amidst Arielle Courtney's parental leave, we'll hear from some DNR staff across Minnesota to hear their perspectives. Oliver Liu is the Area 2C Specialist, working on paved trails and water trails out of Two Harbors. Read his story for an update on what's happening on ...
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Father and daughter look over lake Superior with bikes
March 4, 2020

Partnerships and advocacy for the Mill Towns State Trail

Since the late 90s, Friends of the Mill Towns Trail has garnered support for the Mill Towns State Trail. A common thread throughout their history reveals strong partnerships as a key driver in the accomplishments so far. Partnerships at work First and foremost, the friends ...
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boy biycling along trail