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Project & Event Resources

Friends Groups develop, host, and participate in a variety of activities that support their mission, involve the community, and make a positive impact for their park or trail.

Strategies to Implement
Projects & Events

Projects and events take a lot of planning. Look at the strategies below for ideas on how to approach your group’s project or event.


There are endless possible projects that Friends Groups may take on. It is important to work with the land management agency to identify mutually-beneficial projects that support the Friends Group’s mission and the agency’s mission.

Project Ideas

  • Add benches along a trail
  • Install a rain garden
  • Remove invasive species
  • Construct a new picnic shelter
  • Build a natural playground
  • Plant native trees, forbs, grasses, and flowers
  • Build and maintain hiking trails
  • Make interpretive signage
Installing a feature on a natural playground.
Two women cutting wire fencing
Cutting wire in May were Charlie Hovde, at left, of Long Lost Lake and Candy Malm of Park Rapids.
Friends and GreenTouch volunteers cleaning up the park
Friends and GreenTouch volunteers cleaning up the park
Three men putting trash in dumpster
Sibley State Park Improvement Association members cleaning up the land we added to the park in 2018
Two men planting trees in field
Friends assist in planting native plants in the park.
Norwegian style shelter along the Shooting Star Trail
The Friends fund raised and constructed this Norwegian shelter along the trail.
photo by Becky Hartwig
Volunteer grooming trails at Zippel Bay State Park
Volunteer grooming trails at Zippel Bay State Park
Volunteers resting
The enthusiastic group of volunteers.
Two people kneeling to install playground structure
Friends volunteers install a playground


As with projects, there are also endless possible events that Friends Groups may take on. Events may happen in partnership with the land management agency and/or other partners, or Friends Groups may facilitate them alone.

Event Ideas

  • Lead interpretive walks or talks
  • Host a candlelight ski or hike
  • Have a trash pickup event
  • Organize a run or bike race
  • Fund raise at a dinner or gala
  • Curate musical performances
  • Facilitate a grand opening event
Group of volunteers by St. Croix River and garbage they cleaned up
Friends of Wild River State Park organize clean up events for the park
Crafting station in the park
The annual Maple Leaf Days is a key event for the Friends.
7 people with safety vests
Friends organize and volunteer for clean-up events.
Park visitors gathered around campfire during candlelight ski event
Friends tend the bonfire for the candlelight ski event
Group walking through prairie and looking at plants
The friends help to organize events throughout the year, like this prairie hike
DNR staff and members of the Friends of Big Bog at the grand opening of Big Bog State Recreation Area on June 4, 2006.
Group serving pancakes in the park visitor center
Friends of Wild River organize a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the park


We can do more together! It’s very important to maintain regular communication with the land management agency your group partners with. You can identify projects and events that would be mutually beneficial. Additionally, consider partnerships with community groups, local businesses, recreation clubs, etc. Each group has particular strengths and resources that can enable more impactful activities that you may not have the ability to do alone.

DNR staff collecting maple sap
Collecting maple sap for the Maple Syrup programs.

Make a Budget

Creating a specific event or project budget is a great way to make sure you stick to a plan. Depending on the event or project, you may want to consider getting sponsors, obtaining match funding, etc. Events are also a great way to raise money too!

Fundraising Resources
Group serving pancakes in the park visitor center
Friends of Wild River organize a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the park


Sharing your story before, during, and after a project or event helps your group build awareness and interest in your activities. Getting the word out can bolster event participation, increase membership, connect you with more people, and highlight the impact of your work. When planning a project or event, don’t forget about communicating your story. Also, take pictures!

Communication Resources

Project and Event Examples

Learn about what events and projects other Friends Groups have been doing.

November 20, 2018

A Busy Year: Lake Vermilion Trail Receives NPS-RTCA Partner Award

It’s been an eventful year for the Lake Vermilion Trail.  The Lake Vermilion Trail Joint Powers Board, the new entity that ...
A man and woman receiving an award by NPS staff
November 20, 2018

Meet the Lake Vermilion Trail Work Group

More the 30 years ago, the conversation started among residents and the Lake Vermilion Resort Association about the ...
Two men standing behind tabling booth
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Partner with P&TC
on Projects & Events

There are some ways in which P&TC can support and work with Friends Groups on projects and events.

Obtain Liability Insurance

When hosting an event at a park or trail, sometimes the land management agency (i.e. DNR) may require that the Friends Group has liability insurance. Parks & Trails Council offers the possibility to co-sponsor an event that meets certain criteria, therefore extending its liability insurance to Friends Group Partners for the event. Fill out the application form to see if your event qualifies.

Liability Insurance Application
Three Rivers Skiier

Utilize a Waiver

When a Friends Group organizes an event where participation may involve risk, it is important to collect a waiver from the participants. A waiver is usually required if P&TC is extending its liability insurance coverage for the event. This waiver template can be used to draft a specific waiver for the event, or P&TC can approve a waiver that your group may already have.

Waiver Template
Four men biking on Willard Munger State Trail

Acquire Land with P&TC

Sometimes Friends Groups support a park or trail with land acquisition. The land often may be a missing piece to to make a trail connection or is within a park’s statutory boundaries. Parks & Trails Council saves critical land through our land acquisition program, utilizing the Samuel H. Morgan Land Fund. If your Friends Group hears about a property of interest that is coming up for sale, let us know about it! P&TC may be able to partner with your group and a public land agency. Discover more about how we save land by checking out our Land Protection Page and perusing the Land Application.

How We Save Land
Our members look out over the land we helped add to Anderson park
Four people in front of Lake 21
Friends and staff on land acquired on Lake 21 for Sibley State Park

Join P&TC Events

Each year, Parks & Trails Council hosts events where Friends Groups and members can get together to share what’s going on with parks and trails.

Day on the Hill

An advocacy day to learn about the P&TC legislative agenda supporting parks and trails and gain skills in working with your legislators.

2018 Day on the Hill
Table discussions
Table discussions

Annual Dinner

A sit-down affair with parks and trails supporters from across the state that features a guest speaker, silent auction, and P&TC board announcements.

2018 Annual Dinner
Photo booth