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Fiscal Client Resources

Please note that this page is still under development. We thank you for your patience as we finalize content.

Parks & Trails Council works together with Fiscal Clients to ensure their money is being accounted for and distributed properly, through regular check-ins and financial forms.

Financial Account Forms

These forms specifically relate to the Fiscal Client’s financial account with P&TC. It includes forms for obtaining and depositing money as well as setting up online donations.

Expenditure Request

Utilize this form to request a check to be issued for reimbursement or payment of an invoice with funds from your group’s fiscal account.

Deposit Sheet

Use this when depositing donations into your group’s fiscal account. The sheet tracks each donation separately with a final total for that deposit.

Check Donations

Check donations to your group must be made out to “Parks & Trails Council of MN” with your Friends Group’s name in the memo. Look at the check example for how this should look.

Online Donations

If your group would like to be able to accept online credit card donations, fill out and submit this form.

General Fiscal Client Documents

These forms ensure Fiscal Clients and Parks & Trails Council are on the same page about expectations and inform P&TC of any changes.

Note: These forms are being updated and will be uploaded when finalized.

Contact Information

This form should be filled out on an annual basis. It ensures P&TC has up-to-date contact information for the group and its leadership.

Acknowledgement Form

This form should be completed on an annual basis. It ensures current leadership understands the main elements of the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

To learn more about what it means to be a Fiscal Client and how to become one, visit the Friends Group Partners page.