Reuel Harmon Award

two carved wrens

The Reuel Harmon Award is an annual recognition of exemplary service and outstanding achievements on behalf of Minnesota’s parks and trails.

Reuel Harmon Award Recipients

Reuel Harmon
Reuel Harmon (2nd from left) with other founders of P&TC

About Reuel Harmon

Reuel Harmon was a founding member of the Minnesota Council of State Parks in 1954, and through its next 30 years of growth and transformation into the Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota he was a powerful advocate for Minnesota’s parks and trails. During his remarkable tenure, Harmon contributed in a myriad of ways.

He provided bold, strategic leadership; he was a dedicated, skilled and respected authority; and he inspired others to follow his lead. Through his unwavering commitment of time, resources and management, Harmon made significant contributions to preserving Minnesota’s natural heritage.

The Award

Each year we commission a unique, hand-crafted award featuring a wood-carved bird that honors our extraordinary recipient.

We’ve been honored to work with master carver, Kerry Mayer, except in 2012 and 2015 when equally talented John Strutt created the bird carvings.

Bluejay carving
2015 award to Peggy Prowe
two carved wrens
2016 award to Dave Lais